What The Sultans Have Taught Us About the UAE (So Far)

As the tan Honda Civic cruises down coastal highway E11 in the Emirate of Umm al Quawain, past mangrove marshes and ubiquitous cranes signaling yet more commercial development, Rebecca and I pepper Sultan III with questions: about the Quran, about family and marriage customs, about national dress. He gladly fills us in. Like us, he [...]

Five Early Insights From Novice Vagabonders

In addition to deeper reflections on lifestyle and place, the logistics of traveling--booking accommodations, arranging transport, navigating day-to-day errands--present opportunities to consider how you travel. This is subjective based on your goals, of course. We are certainly "green" travelers compared to other adventurous folks, but after about nine weeks on the road, we’ve got a [...]

I made sure it wasn’t loaded: Reflections on Gun Violence and Traveling Abroad

My friend Jeff and I sat on the thick green carpet in Tim’s bedroom, distractedly considering a baseball card trade. I was trying to stockpile the Oakland A’s base-stealer extraordinaire Rickey Henderson cards; Geoff favored Dwight Evans of the Red Sox. Downstairs, several of our classmates smoked cigarettes while sitting on the floor of the [...]